If you're a Giants fan, you probably growl about anything regarding the Dallas Cowboys or owner Jerry Jones, but apparently Jerry Jones is a fan of Jon Bon Jovi, and thinks he would make a good NFL owner.

According to a report at hollywoodnewsdaily.com, Jones believes that when it comes to NFL ownership, "there is no one more qualified" than Bon Jovi. There have been published reports that Bon Jovi is among those interested in becoming part owner of the Buffalo Bills.

Jones goes on to say that he is "huge Bon Jovi fan" and that he is "first class". Jones, of course, is one of the most high profile, most vocal NFL owners. I just don't know how those of us in New Jersey who love the Giants and  love Bon Jovi will deal with the roller coaster of emotions that comes with the owner of the Dallas Cowboys saying such nice things about one of New Jersey's favorite rockers.

It's just another chapter in the Giants-Cowboys rivalry. Regardless, we thank Jerry Jones for liking one of our favorite hometown boys. I can't believe I just thanked Jerry Jones.