The late Dick Clark was not only a name of the past. His approach to broadcasting, in every type of media, has carried over to the present day. In fact, a show relaunched just last month adopts the style and format made famous by Clark.

Back on PHL17 in Philadelphia is Dancin’ On Air, a television show featuring today’s youth dancing to and interacting with the most popular and promising music tracks. Sound familiar?

A former host of Dancin’ On Air, and its national version, Dance Party USA, said American Bandstand was the main reason for the success of Dancin’ On Air.

“There was an absolute influence when it came to the blocking and the philosophy of the show,” said former host Andy Gury, a New Jersey resident.

“The show was absoultely successful because of Bandstand,” Gury continued. “The philosophy of the show was simple – kids will tune in to see other kids – the formula that worked for Bandstand, that worked for Dick Clark.”

Andy Gury comments on the influence of American Bandstand:

Clark hosted American Bandstand for more than three decades, starting in 1956.

Dancin’ On Air made its television debut on October 12, 1981. It lasted more than a half a decade.

Gury said about Clark, “He set the mold. He’s a pioneer, and he’ll be greatly missed.”

Dan Alexander contributed to this story.

Andy Gury hosts Dancin’ On Air at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia