Have you ever dated someone you work with? If you have, you're certainly not alone. But where should you draw the line?

It's only natural to find yourself attracted to someone you work with closely day in and day out. While larger offices are generally more impersonal, smaller work environments tend to create the type of closeness that can lead to the development of a romantic relationship.

According to a recent Careerbuilder survey, four in ten people have had an office romance. And a third of those who started out as co-workers and then went on to date, ended up marrying that person.

But experts say when you get involved in a relationship at the office, you always have to weigh the risks and benefits.

16% of those surveyed admit that they have dated the boss, yet experts say that is NEVER a good idea because it can cause morale and resentment issues and resentment among other employees.

According to Askmen.com, small- to medium-size offices can be a potentially disastrous place to find yourself attracted to a colleague. While falling for a coworker isn't necessarily advised in any office environment, this holds especially true in a small workplace where everyone is into everyone else's business -- both personal and work-related.Your best bet when dating at the office? Stick to dating your peers...and proceed with caution.