The USA Men's Basketball team beat Nigeria 156-73. That's an 83 point margin. It's great to win. It's awesome to dominate. But is doing that to another country's team, running up the score like that, and basically embarrassing them the right thing to do at the Olympics?

When I heard the U.S. men won I smiled. I have been feeling incredible patriotism during these London Games. When I heard the score, I whinced. I have seen players from other teams come up and ask for autographs from the U.S. players, and I've seen the Americans gladly sign basketballs and sneakers for fans who just happened to be players from the other team, and I thought those were great moments. That score in the game against Nigeria is not.

I know that these are big boys and thay can take it, but that doesn't mean I'm completely comfortable with it. I'm a huge sports fan. I have seen teams in every sport at every level jump out to a big lead, and then protect that lead, insure a win and manage to do it without rubbing it in or embarrassing the other team. I always learned that if you're a good sport, you don't show up the other team.

Nobody is more happy that the U.S. Men won than I am, but that score kind of upset me. Am I overreacting about this? I really want to know what you think. Take the poll!