I was checking out what was on TV the other night, and I stopped when I saw a map of the Pine Barrens on Animal Planet. I couldn't believe what they were looking for.

When I realized the show was Finding Bigfoot, I shouted the appropriate two questions to my wife. How many miles are we from the Pine Barrens, and are the doors locked?

The original episode apparently aired at the beginning of 2014. I missed it then, but I stuck around long enough to find out that the conclusion was that there was a good deal of Sasquatch activity in the area.

And philly.com got into some details about the show's conclusions and some chilling first hand accounts from eyewitnesses, including one hunter who said, "It looked like a giant person covered in hair."

I can handle the high taxes and the endless traffic and construction. I can handle tourist season with no problem. I can even shrug off most of the Jersey jokes.But this one may be a bit much to handle.

Just what we need. A Jersey Bigfoot. Bigfoot with attitude. Great.