We've all had those dreams where you wake up just a little confused. It's especially bad when an alarm wakes you up mid-dream...just when it was starting to get really good!! I had one of those dreams last night, and it got me thinking: does it really mean something or is just your brain taking a little vacation?

This particular dream I had involved riot police shutting down the Garden State Parkway, young protesters building some kind of crazy sky-based structure over the highway (which was covered in fog), telling police I needed to get past their barricade because I was late for a class, and then getting lost within the site where workers were trying to dismantle said stucture. (I told you, it was a CRAZY dream.)

Plenty of people believe that dream are just unfinished thoughts from the day...though I don't remember thinking about the Parkway at all...

According to one dream dictionary in particular, last night's dream was symbolic of several things, including: a lost sense of direction in life, ignoring or overlooking important issues in my life, feeling lost or being misled, and issues of control and inner turmoil.

If I think it through, that makes complete sense...or maybe I just watch too much TV before bed.

Do you think dreams have meaning or are they just stories from our imaginations?