I really could care less about professional football. I like sports and all, but I'm really only into baseball and college football. Still, I, like most people, will be at a Super Bowl party on Sunday. I pretty much always root for New York teams, so this weekend I'm a Giants fan, but honestly? I'm just in it for the snacks and the commercials.

Most people have some kind of reasoning behind why they support a particular team...usually it's because they grew up watching said team with a family member. Well, my Dad doesn't do sports, and Mama C says she's a Cowboys fan but says she'll still root for the Giants on Sunday (someone explain THAT to me).

In fact, if I was going to pick an NFL team, it would either be the Jets (only because I look good in dark green) or the Saints (New Orleans is one of my favorite places in the world). So...yeah, you see how seriously I really take all of this.

I can't be the ONLY one who doesn't really care about the actual game though.

So be honest, do you REALLY care about the Super Bowl?