(photo by liz jeressi)

Saturdays at 6 p.m. in December. That's the time that more items are lost than at any other time of the year! Are you prone to misplacing important items? Here's what you can do about it.

40% of us lose two or more belongings a year, and less than half of those lost items are ever recovered. In fact, the average person misplaces about $250 worth of their important possessions each year!

The top things that go missing (in order):





Bank/credit cards

Clothing items



Driver's licences or other important ID

Important paperwork

So what can you do to stop losing things?

Here are just some suggestions:

-- Make a place for everything, and be meticulous about putting everything where it belongs whenever you put it down.

-- Create multiple places if necessary: If you use both your front door and your back door, create a home for your things in each place. Or have a special pocket in each jacket or pocketbook where you will always put your cell phone and keys. And a special place in your car.

-- Teach your brain to remember: Once you've decided where your cell phone will live, make a mental picture of yourself putting it there. And 'view' it over and over in your mind.

-- Stop leaving things in other places: Teach yourself that any time you see your car keys, you immediately think about where they belong.

-- Also, when you are somewhere other than where you normally put your important stuff, get in the habit of scanning that area before you leave to make sure you have your checklist of car keys, cell phone, pocketbook, etc.

What's the most important thing that you ever lost? And did you get it back? My aunt in Florida just found my son's 3 DS that went missing while we were on vacation there...TWO YEARS AGO!