A doctor in California says he's come up with a procedure that can change the color of a person's eyes from brown to blue without contacts...there's just one catch.

The procedure is permanent and irreversible. Dr. Gregg Homer says his laser procedure works because all brown-eyed people have blue eyes underneath the brown. By using certain frequencies to remove the melanin from the top layer of the eye's iris, he can remove the darker pigment, leaving only the blue. There is, however, no way to replace or grow back the melanin once it is removed. This procedure also only works for people with dark eyes. It would not work for blue-eyed people trying to go brown.

Most people have brown eyes, but blue eyes have always been aesthetically popular. Colored contact lenses have given people the chance to change their eye color for years, but these contacts can be expensive, annoying to wear, and look fake.

This laser procedure is still in initial testing phases, and there is no cost attached to it yet, nor known side effects, but for those who have always wanted a pair of baby blues, this could be in your future.

Would you permanently change your eye color if you could?