Ever hear a knock and NOT want to answer? There's a new invention that can help!

If you're by yourself and not sure who's on the other side of the door and don't wanna stick your eye in the peephole, there's a company named Brinno that's out with the digital answer to the 'knock knock, who's there' question.

The "Peephole Viewer" fits over the keyhole and shows you a color image of who is on the other side. It has a three-inch diagonal screen that makes it easy to figure out who's stopping by.

It works well in both daytime and night conditions. But if you're not at home, the device comes with an SD card slot so it records images of those who pay a visit while you aren't there.

The Peephole Viewer has two useful optional accessories: a motion sensor that turns on the device when someone approaches, and a knocking sensor, which triggers the image recording part of the Peephole Viewer.