This was a nasty start to 2014, and a bad wind driven snowstorm. The best advice is to stay home and off the area roads if you can.

The Point newsroom tells me we're under a state of emergency, meaning only essential personnel should be on the roadways, and that state offices are closed. Many schools are closed as well, and you can check Point Stormwatch for the very latest.

The roads I encountered this morning were difficult to manage, and that was as true for main roads as well as secondary roads, so if you're waking up early, don't assume the roads you normally travel on are clear or even passable.

The best advice is the one I'm sure you heard already. If you don't have to leave the house this morning, don't. And be safe and careful when it comes to snow removal as well. Let's hope this welcome to Winter 2014 is not an indication of what is to come for the rest of the season.