When it comes to the Super Bowl, I am really just in it for the Halftime show and the ads...and this year this is one ad I'm really looking forward to.

Dannon released a 'teaser' Oikos yogurt ad, showing John Stamos eating yogurt in front of a football game on his couch...it then pans over to Dave Coulier in footie pajamas and Bob Saget in a robe.

Stamos says, 'What do you say boys, time to go to bed?'

Saget replies, 'Don't you think it's time we all get our own places?' to which they all say, 'Nah.'

But wait, they get better...I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I actually laughed out loud at this one:

It's especially funny if you've ever seen Bob Saget's stand-up comedy and know how insanely dirty he is.

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