If you carved out 3 precious hours from your busy schedule this weekend so you could enjoy the Giant's game, you were sorely disappointed once again and probably should know better by now.

I'm busy and so are you. We work hard and keep a pretty full schedule. But each and every week we look forward to a few hours of sports joy. Each week we fool ourselves into thinking THIS is the week we have a good game.

And each week the same thing happens. We put our Manning jersey on, line up our snacks and drinks and optimistically wait for the kickoff. And that's usually where the fun ends. Immediately following the kickoff is usually three hours of stress and disappointment. Like a bad blind date. Only after a bad blind date, we're usually smart enough not to do it all over again in seven days.

0-4. For those non sports fans reading this, that 0 is how many wins the Giants have this season. The 4 is how many painful, disappointing games Giants fans have endured. You can multiply that 4 by three (for the approximate hours a game takes) and you come up with 12 miserable wasted hours of down time we don't really have and can't really afford to waste.

I only have one thing to say to you Giants. If you think for one minute, I am going to spend this entire week waiting for another one of your horrendous, sad, stress filled games...if you think I am going to get my hopes up ever again...if you think I am going to fool myself into thinking there's any chance you will provide me with one ounce of enjoyment, then I have just this to say...see you Sunday, 1:00pm.