Everyone has holiday traditions and Gov. Chris Christie is no exception. He spoke briefly about his holiday preferences before singing along to a Springsteen song during Monday night's Ask The Governor segment.

Gov. Chris Christie discusses holiday traditions with host Eric Scott.

In addition to discussing his plans to shop locally on Tuesday, the governor also spoke about the holidays in the Christie household.

Keeping with the holiday spirit, host Eric Scott asked a series of "rapid fire" questions about Christie's holiday preferences. Here's what the governor had to say:

Eric Scott: Open gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas day?

Gov. Christie: Christmas Day.

ES: White lights or colored lights?

Gov: Both.

ES: Blinking lights or solid?

Gov: Solid.

ES: Real tree or fake?

Gov: Real.

ES: Tinsel or snow?

Gov. Snow.

ES: Big, inflatable snowman or lighted reindeer?

Gov: Neither.

ES: Bing Crosby or Mariah Carey?

Gov: Mariah Carey

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