I know when Nancy mentioned it on the show this morning, she was just kidding, but I think it's one of the best ideas ever. Men will go to Jersey shore beaches in record numbers! Couches on the beach!!

How did I not think of that? What do men love to do more than almost anything? Laying on the couch and not moving for hours. So, why not put some weather resistant couches on some Jersey shore beaches and take advantage of one of man's greatest weaknesses?  Hey, there are benches on the boardwalk, so how hard can it be to work this out?

Think about it, a beautiful day, the sound of the surf and seagulls, and the comfort of a couch. Hey, they may even be able to charge more for beach badges!!

The only thing that bothers me about this idea, is that it's not mine. I have to give the credit to Nancy, and that hurts me a little, because this is a really, really good idea! (except for charging more for beach badges)