Employees at an Indianapolis hair salon put their money together to buy lottery tickets as they usually do, but when the co-worker who purchased the tickets said the winning ticket was one she purchased separately for herself, the trouble began.

The winning lottery ticket is worth $9.5 million, and according to nbcnews.com, the employee who purchased the tickets for the group says she also purchased tickets for herself, and it actually was one of her tickets that was the winner, not a ticket purchased with the group's money.

She stopped by the salon before heading to claim her prize at the lottery office to tell her co-workers that her ticket, not the group's, was the winning ticket. Co-workers contacted a lawyer and now the payout is on hold until a judge can make a ruling.

As I was learning about this story, I started thinking about what would happen, for instance, if Liz, Nancy and I were to buy some lottery tickets and the same thing happened.

Let me put it this way. If I couldn't go, there are certain people I would send out to get those tickets and others I wouldn't. Let's just leave it at that. I look at it this way. As long as I get my 75%, I wouldn't complain.