I am VERY late to the party. I thought I had been to all of the best restaurants at the Jersey Shore...but I hadn't tried THIS one!

I am talking about Clementine's, 306 Main St. in Avon by the Sea. For atmosphere alone, this place looks like NOWHERE ELSE you have seen, at least around here. I can't wait to go back each season, as they ADD to the incredible decor...which is different in each room of the restaurant. And I hear their Christmas and Mardi Gras decorations are even more amazing. What a way to get in the holiday mood!

(photo by Liz Jeressi)

And they have the most gorgeously decorated bathrooms I have ever come across at a restaurant! There are (at least) three of them, each with a different theme and meticulously designed. Who knew you'd look forward to using the bathroom at a restaurant, lol??!!! (I actually found excuses to visit all three of them!)

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

Now for the food. The food is unique, delicious, and has New Orleans-inspired flavors and spices. I have to go back just to try more of the wonderful Cajun, Creole, and Southern-style menu items! They also have vegan options, which are hard to come by in other restaurants. I loved the dishes I tried, from dinner to dessert. (The fried avocado is a must!)

(Eslin, photo by Liz Jeressi)

From the owner to the servers, the staff is so friendly, often stopping by your table just to show you how awesome some of the dishes they are bringing out look and recommending some of the specials the chef is working on that you might like to try. (This is great for me because I am the girl that frequently looks at other diners' dishes and then asks my server what those dishes are.)

Eslin was just one of the wonderful people at Clementine's that I talked with when I went in, and she just LOVES being able to be part of such a wonderful restaurant. The owners are super fabulous and really hands-on and friendly.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

And there's a bonus that you don't usually find in restaurant like this -- antique jewelry for sale! The owners take great pride in finding amazing estate jewelry and what girl doesn't want to dine out AND shop for a piece that NO ONE ELSE has?!!!

And now Clementine's is serving lunch...and breakfast, too!

For more info and to check out their menu, CLICK HERE!