If you have gone into a certain coffee shop near the beach, you may have seen this sign.

Dunkin Donuts is obviously a chain that you see everywhere. But to walk into the one near my house, and to see this sign, is just another reminder that people who live near the ocean live life just a little bit differently.

So I applaud this particular DD for hanging something that means a lot to many of the locals, and will put a smile on their faces.

Here's the whole poem:

"To The Coffee Shop Gang...

May your coffee shop be trimmed in love,

with joy wound round and round,

May laughter raise the rafters,

and merriment abound.

May the faces glow with smiles

of all the fishermen,

May Heaven grace your humble quest

as soon the Bass roll in.

Hook 'em up boys,

Santa Claus"

Can you guess what town's DD hung this sign?