Dave Thomas of San Bernadino, Calif. sat next to his impounded dog and openly cried. He needed $400 to get his impounded dog back and he had only $6 in his pockets.

Thomas had been arrested, according to msn.com, because he didn't appear in court for two traffic violations and his dog was impounded. He was told he needed $400 to get the dog back and half of that amount would be due in just days. He sat beside his caged dog and cried.

That's when a photographer saw what was going on. She snapped a photo and put it online. The reaction was almost immediate as strangers began to donate to help get the dog, Buzz Lightyear, back to his owner. The shelter required that the dog be neutered as well, and enough money was raised for both. The man and his best friend were reunited earlier this week.

There is something amazing about the bond between pet owners and their pets. And there is something amazing about how important it became to total strangers to make this right. In the midst of all the bad news we hear each day, it's nice to hear a sweet story like this one. It makes us all feel a little better.