I'm not a winter guy to start with so I'm especially happy to say goodbye to the weather of February of 2014.

As we work our way through the last day of this month, I look back at some of the roughest weather days in recent memory and forecasts that always seemed to include snow, accumulations, ice, wind and wind chill.

We have certainly had bigger storms and higher accumulations in winters past, but the constant possibility of 2 to 4 or 3 to 6 inches of snow always seemed to be just a day away this winter.

And then you throw in the return of the polar vortex, keeping temperatures 20 degrees or so below normal and you have the makings of an exhausting winter for the non-winter lovers among us.

So we say goodbye to you February, and will all respect to the wonderful things that happen in February, and there are many, I can not count the weather among them. By the way, before we get too excited that February weather is behind us, I have to remind you that the forecast for the first work day of March includes...you guessed it. Snow.