Twenty four hours. That's all it lasted. I WANT nice nails, but apparently I use my hands too much.

I carefully gave myself a manicure. I waited for it to dry. I applied a top coat. By the next day, it was destroyed.

Here are all the things I had to do in my day that contributed to the downfall of my nails: zip my pants, pull open the tab on a can of cat food, peel a sticker off of a box that was sealed shut, climb a shelf  (yes...I don't have a ladder) in the garage to get something down for the kids, wash a pot (I'd really have to put on the rubber gloves for ONE POT?!), and wash my hair (do women actually use gloves in the SHOWER?!).

I'm sure there are gel nails and all that a salon has to offer with professional manicures, but I have short nails and just want a little poliso much worksh. It's time consuming to do it only to have it chip ess than a day do moms keep up when there is so much physical labor in a day?

I have seen sooooo many women with beautiful all times...why can't I be one of them?!!!