This woman puts the 'cheap' in 'cheapskate!"

A woman named Kay says it's been years since she used a washer and dryer to clean her clothes. She says that she washes her dirty clothes while she's showering!  She uses free samples of laundry detergent to lather up her laundry while she's washing herself in the shower. She then hangs everything to dry in the shower, Kay hasn't done laundry (the NORMAL way) in three years.

And if you thinkg THAT'S cheap....she doesn't use toilet paper, either. Kay uses a squirt bottle filled with water instead! She says she doesn't believe in spending money on anything that's going to be thrown away.

You can check out Kay on the new TLC season of the reality show "Extreme Cheapskates". far do you go to save money? Do you consider yourself a cheapskate when it comes to anything?