If you were walking down the boardwalk on a hot summer day and saw bottles of ice cold tea, with no one around, but a sign that said 'put a dollar in the box and take a one', would you be honest enough to put the dollar in the box?

The makers of Honest Tea put out iced tea and lemonade at locations around the U.S. and used the 'honor system' to see if you'd just take a bottle....or pay the dollar that they asked you to put in the box. So....how honest are we? You might be surprised!

Do you ALWAYS make sure you're on the up-and-up, even if you think no one's watching? Well, see how our area ranks on the list of  the most honest places in America:

Oakland, California and Salt Lake City, Utah tie for the most honest places. In both cities, every single person who took a bottle paid for their drink.

But what you might not believe, living at the Jersey Shore, is that SEASIDE HEIGHTS tied with San Francisco for the third most honest place in America!!! 

Boulder, Colorado came in second.

And Brooklyn, NY, is the least honest location, with just 61% paying for their drinks. (Yahoo News)

I'd guess that although there are many honest people in our area, there are also many paranoid and skeptical people around here, so if they saw an honor system drink-for-a-dollar....their first thought would be that there's a hidden camera (or a reality tv camera!) and they better pay, or else!