A Stanley Steemer Cleaning survey shows the average amount of time we spend doing a full cleaning of our homes is about four hours. 9% of those surveyed would rather endure the physical pain of a root canal than do a full cleaning of their home. See how you match up with the survey results:

62% say they only clean their home when it is noticeably dirty instead of using a set cleaning schedule.

27% procrastinate when it comes to doing a full house cleaning and may go over a year in between full-on cleanings.

55% say they are never able to truly get rid of, or keep up with, all dirt and stains.

18% say the stress of a messy, dirty home is enough motivation to clean the whole house.

47% have found cash when cleaning, and 27% have found lost jewelry.

I know a woman who has a set schedule for cleaning her house. Monday: windows, Tues: floors, etc. etc. That sounds great in theory, but as for me, I'm lucky if I can keep up with doing laundry...and I usually fail miserably at that. I can get the clothes washed, dried, and folded...but 90% of the time they end up in piles in my room before I can get around to putting them away. (and that's WITH help from my boys.)

Between the laundry, dishes (I don't have a dishwasher...ugh), floors, dusting, vaccuuming and keeping the bathroom clean, sometimes I think that if I won the lottery I'd spend it all just to hire someone to do it all for me.

And I am the queen of rubber gloves and disinfectant wipes. Sometimes it's just the easiest way.

Oh and I usually only do full cleanings when company is expected for a party (which is actually a double-clean, because of the mess you're left with when they leave). Otherwise for me cleaning is  just a little here...and a little there.

What are your cleaning habits and complaints? Feel free to vent!