One of Hollywood's most powerful celebrity stylists has some great tips to help you dress well without spending like the rich and famous.

Leslie Fremar, Stylist to the Stars, has these tips:

-- Recycle a lot of basics. If they're already in your wardrobe, you won't need to shop as much. So keep the plain black pants or the dress that you wear everywhere, and just add to it without buying a completely new outfit.

-- Focus your spending on new accessories. They're cheaper than buying a whole new look and fancy jewelry that costs a lot and can't be changed up as often. Plus, since you're spending less money, you can stay on-trend by updating more often.

-- Wear all black and add an interesting shoe. You can't go wrong with black. So if you have the black outfit already, you can instead splurge on a nice pair of shoes. An easy fashion fix to change up an outfit.

-- Don't buy EVERYTHING new EVERY season. Buy only what you'll wear, and only if you'll wear it for more than one season!