I am so happy to welcome Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry in Little Silver to The Point!

I have been taking my boys to Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry since they were less than 2 years old and I wouldn't go anywhere else, so I am so happy to welcome them to The Point family.

Here are just some of the fantastic things about these dentists:

-- They always allow parents to be with their children throughout the appointment to help promote their involvement in their child's dental health.

-- They encourage parents to bring their children at an early age (between 1 and 2 years old!) in order to establish a dental home where both children and parents feel comfortable addressing the child's dental needs.

-- Doctors Safari and Guerrasio welcome special needs patients in their office. They strive to provide the patient and their familiy with dental care catered to their specific needs and limitations.

-- Dr. Safari and Dr. Guerrasio recommend that all permanent molars be sealed in order to prevent decay in these teeth. It's a quick and easy procedure that offers a great deal of protection to the biting surfaces where food and plaque often get trapped. (My kids are getting this done next week!)

Their office utilizes the latest in digital radiography. All of their films are digital and provide the doctors with high quality images while the patients experience minimal radiation.

And stay tuned for some great things ahead with Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry...including Tooth Tip Tuesdays and a very special Tooth Fairy visit where you can submit cute pictures of your kids and win prizes!

These dentists have put my boys at ease, joked around with them, made them feel important and special, and have given them 'prizes' at the end of each visit for practically their whole lives. The office staff always has a smile for you and the kids love walking in to see the giant aquarium and video games in the lobby! And they play 94.3 The Point there, too!

[This post was created in conjunction with our advertising partner, Atlantic Pediatric Dentistry in Little Silver.]