A 14mph speed limit in New Jersey? No way. This is the Garden State. We're doing 15 when we're parked. There is a place with a 14mph speed limit, though.

Here's the good news for us. It's not in New Jersey. It's in Aspen Colorado. Now, why in the world would the town pick 14mph? Well, according to msn.com, it was to discourage people from using the local roads to avoid traffic on Highway 82. The number 14 was apparently chosen to draw attention to what they were doing.

Living around here all my life, I'm not sure I actually know what 14mph looks like. Not in person at least. I'm trying to think of a place. Maybe the garage or driveway, but never an actual road!

What do you think Garden Staters would think if they saw a 14mph sign. I bet some would say, " that's how much you can go over the speed limit before you actually get a ticket, right?" I could hear it now.