Google is starting to distribute their new breakthrough in mobile internet surfing....glasses with online access!

Google Glass begins a new wave of technology called "wearable computing", along with Apple, which is working on internet-connected wristwatches.

Right now Google Glasses cost $1500 and were only sold to 8,000 people to test out, but they hope to lower the price and have them in stores for you to test later this year, and in flagship stores by the holidays! What an original gift idea...if the price comes down!

The high resolution display is the equivalent of a 25 inch high def screen as seen from 8 feet away and can capture amazing video footage from the wearer's perspective.

Adjustable nosepads fit any face.The glasses also have Bluetooth, Wifi, memory, audio, and companiaon apps for GPS and messaging.

Unfortunately, critics say this type of technology makes privacy practically impossible. You could be talking to someone in sunglasses....not knowing that they are videotaping you! Next thing you're all over You Tube!