Good news for patrons at Freehold's indoor theme park, iPlay America. They are changing their admission policy so that you no longer have to pay just to get inside.

Freehold Patch reports the change is a result of customer feedback. The park originally charged each person a minimum of $20 to get in, with $5 going towards admission and $15 going towards an iPlay card to use on various attractions.

There are now several payment options available, including two unlimited ride packages and pay-as-you-go rates. You can see them HERE.

iPlay America is a great place for kids (of all ages), and this is definitely a smart move on their part. Between the rides, go-karts, games, food, and can be an expensive outing for a family, and having to pay just to get in didn't help things.

It's great to see a company really listening to their consumers and realizing that people can't afford as much as they used to!

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