We had such a great time with Jacquie Lee on our morning show today! Find out what Blake, Adam, Christina, and Cee Lo are REALLY like before the Battle Rounds begin!

It's so awesome to have a local talent to root for when the Battle Rounds begin next week on The Voice! In fact, since the show is running a "Best of the Blinds" tonight, you may catch Jacquie's audition again! Otherwise look for her either next Monday or Tuesday night (Oct.14 and 15, 2013) on NBC, or in the weeks to come, when she gets to work with Christina Aguilera and Ed Sheeran to get some singing tips for the competition!

Jacquie says Christina was warm, sweet, and offered her some amazing advice.....and meeting Ed Sheeran was one of Jackquie's favorite moments...especially when she got to hug him (which you'll see on next week's show!)

Jacquie's mom Denise says that even behind the scenes, Mark Burnett and the people running the show are wonderful, and that's what makes The Voice the number one reality competition show on tv!

Jacquie says Cee Lo is as funny and quirky in real life as he seems on TV, Adam Levine IS really that hot...but skinnier and shorter than you'd think (!) and that Blake Shelton is wayyyyy over 6 feet tall and a very real, honest, funny and humble guy.

It's hard to believe that Jacquie had to leave our show today and head to school (she's a Junior at Ranney and plays on the field hockey team) when she's well on her way to becoming a star! But she's got her feel firmly planted and, on her way to becoming a star, still plans to go to college. Her family is great and she certainly has the support of so many of us at the Jersey Shore!

So we wish you great blessings and a lifetime of dreams coming true, Jacquie, and hope to have you on our radio show again soon!