But do you know where the cameras are?

The suspended cameras were only from certain intersections, with only three in Brick Township listed.

According to one site, there are several more throughout our area.

How is it possible that there is not a complete list of these cameras?

The biggest complaint about the cameras is that it causes people to slam on their brakes at the light to avoid a ticket from the cameras, increasing the potential for accidents.

(This isn't about whether or not I agree with the cameras. That's a separate issue. For the most part, I agree that if you don't run a red light, you won't have a problem, but sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that will cause problems, like a wet road or an emergency vehicle that needs to get by.)

I think if people are more aware of the cameras, we'll all be extra cautious at these intersections.

These are the reported red light cameras in Monmouth and Ocean Counties:

Asbury Park

  • Kingsley St at 7th Ave.


  • Hooper Ave. at Chambers Bridge Rd.
  • Brick Blvd. at Chambers Bridge Rd.
  • Rt. 70 at Brick Blvd.
  • Rt. 70 at Chambers Bridge Rd.
  • Rt. 70 at Cedar Bridge Ave.
  • Rt. 70 at Shorrock St.
  • Rt. 88 at Post Rd.
  • Lanes Mill Rd. at Joe Parker Rd.


  • Rt. 35 at Rt. 36


  • Atlantic St. (Rt. 524) at Main St.


  • Millhurst Rd (Rt. 527) at Woodward Rd.

Do you know of any other red light cameras to add to this list? Are there any that need to be removed?