I met Nicole Caruso LaBrocca and her precious little girl Selene this past Saturday at the Kid's Breakfast at Freehold Mall. She was nice enough read it to all the kids that were there!

Nicole lives in Jackson and is passionate about the food that her family eats, always encouraging her daughter to eat healthy and be active.

This book shows you a humorously absurd reason why you should always eat your vegetables, even when your friends are ditching theirs for junk food! It is beautifully illustrated by Justin Doyle and will have your child smiling.

You can get it on Amazon, or, for more information, Facebook Nicole LaBrocca. She is currently working on a young-adult book, and plans to donate future procedes to cancer research.

If you'd like to schedule a reading and have Nicole do a book signing, you can contact her at nicole.labrocca@gmail.com.