Two maintenance workers at the Gregory Elementary School in Long Branch are under investigation for allegedly using tape to wrap 4 boys in a school bathroom.

Long Branch Superintendent Michael Salvatore (Facebook)

WNBC reports the employees thought they were just “horsing around” with the students last Thursday who are all under 10 years of age. However, when the boys reported the incident to the school principal, district Superintendent  Michael Salvatore reported it to police and the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. The boys were not distressed.

“Regardless of their intent, it was a stupid decision they made,”Salvatore told WNBC.

The Long Branch Patch reports a letter sent home to parents indicates that pictures were take of the boys as they were tied up.

Initial indications from sources within the school system indicate the employees thought they were “horsing around” with the students, all under 10 years of age.


“Regardless of their intent, it was a stupid decision they made,” said Long Branch Superintendent Michael Salvatore, who reported the incident to police and the Monmouth County Prosecutor. He added that the tape used was yellow police tape.

The two employees, whose names have not been released,  are said to be “devastated” and have been suspended from their jobs. No charges have been filed.

State Senator Jennifer Beck (R) expressed her concern about the incident. “Parents send their children to school with the peace of mind that it is a place of safety and security. All of the employees of a school are entrusted with lives of our children, from the principal to the janitors. A story like this sends a chill through all of our spines. The parties involved must be held accountable and the investigation needs to be expedient and thorough. While the maintenance workers claim it was a harmless prank, in today’s day an age this type of behavior is dangerous and simply unacceptable.

“I know the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office will do everything necessary to ensure that justice is mete. There will be many questions that demand answers as this case unravels, and the public deserves that much. All employees need to be thoroughly vetted to ensure the safety of our students. I pray that an incident like this never happens again, but we must all work together to protect our students in the future and guarantee that his situation is a horrible anomaly.”