During our "Pet of the Week" segment we talk about how the love of a pet is a truly unique and amazing kind of love. This story about Ciccio will bring a tear to your eye.

According to an msn.com report, Ciccio is a 12 year old German Shepherd who attended church every day with his owner in Italy. Sadly, his owner died, but that didn't stop Ciccio.

 Each day when the loyal dog hears the sound of the church bells, he makes his way to the church, and obediently walks to the front of the church, where he was last with his owner, when he walked with pallbearers as they carried his owner's coffin into the church . The dog has been doing this since his owner's passing in November.

Click here to see a photo of Ciccio at the church.

Church leaders let the dog stay and local residents have been feeding him, and all are hoping he finds a permanent home soon.

Go home today and hug your pet even more than usual, I know I will.