Even on a winter day, getting out for some fresh air and beautiful views of nature can be great for your state of mind!

This past Saturday we had a dose of 40-something degree weather, so my friends and I grabbed our kids (and their dog, too!) and did something we haven't been able to do much this winter: GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!

We actually expected to be able to take a nice walk around the Manasquan Reservoir...but between the shade from the trees that hasn't melted nearly all of the ice, and the mud from the ice and snow that HAS melted, it wasn't as easy to navigate as we expected.

STILL....the views are incredible and if you haven't been here please put it on your to-do list. Whether you are walking for exercise or just in need of a stroll or some meditation, this is a beautiful park. (And you can walk or run for MILES!)

Of course in the summer there is more to do, like kayaking fishing and playgrounds. Lots of class trips come here to learn about wildlife, and in the summer, the shade from all those trees makes for a wonderful walk...but there is something special about winter, too, and the ice that's out there on the water. It's just incredible.

It was a great excursion for the kids and a wonderful afternoon. Highly recommended!

(For those of you who haven't been there.. the Manasquan Reservoir is part of the Monmouth County Park System and is located in Howell off of Rt. 9...NOT in Manasquan, lol. But it is on the Manasquan RIVER....which is why the park is named that way.