It seems that David Wright is one of those rare guys who's not afraid of committment. First, he signs a multi year contract with the Mets, seemingly making him a Met for life, and now, word is, he has made the really important committment.

According to and other sources, the Mets third baseman and team leader has proposed to his model girlfriend Molly Beers. The couple have been dating for several years and she apparently has said yes.

As a Mets fan I want to congratulate the happy couple. David Wright is one of the good guys, who has given Mets fan something to cheer about in an otherwise difficult time for us.

I can only imagine that, of the two big decisions David has made recently (The Mets contract and the engagement), the proposal had to be the easy one. Spending the rest of your life with a model is probably a slightly easier decision than spending the rest of your career with the Mets, don't you think?  

Scott Wintrow, Getty Images