Jay Horowitz has been the Mets spokesperson for a long time and he's seen a lot. Now he's using his new Twitter account, and he's making headlines.

Horowitz has been tweeting some fun and untrue things throughout the season, including that the Mets would play a triple header in Colorado after the snow outs (not true), according to si.com.

His latest prank was tweeting that star Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey was given approval by the team to miss tonight's game so he could go see the Rangers play at Madison Square Garden.

As soon as the "news" got around, the conversations began.  Some fans and news outlets immediately began to criticize the Mets for allowing that to happen. Of course, they didn't. It was a joke.

Hey fellow Mets fans, we don't have a lot, so when we get a laugh let's enjot it. It seems to me that having a sense of humor should be required in order to be a Mets fan!