I think we all try to look for the good in people. It's stories like these that question that good and adds another question: how could anyone do something like this?


According to the APP, 27-year-old Middletown resident Joseph Alianiello went to a local Keansburg bar after being involved in a serious accident. Alianello overturned his car and left a woman in the vehicle to fend for herself.

Police report an eyewitness at the bar said “he was bragging about how he had gotten away from this big accident.”

Police found Alianiello in his Middletown house and arrested him, charging him with leaving the scene of an accident, reckless and careless driving, obstruction and possession of cocaine.

Here's the ultimate tragedy and injustice. Because police didn't apprehend Alianiello before he entered the bar after the accident, they can't charge him with a DUI. Plus, he was taken to jail on $7,500 bail. Seriously, $7,500 after this guy left a possibly injured woman at the scene of an accident and then going to a bar and bragging about it!

I know we have to follow the law by the book, but this guy deserves to have the book thrown at him. He should actually be beaten repeatedly with said book.

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