Many New Jersey residents are worried about their own safety at home after watching the graphic video of a Millburn mother beaten violently by an intruder. The home wasn't equipped with a security system, according to police, but that may not have stopped the attacker anyway.

"A guy who wants to get in bad enough -- there's very little you can do to keep him out," said Chief Gregory Weber of the Millburn Township Police Department.

The suspect, caught in the act by a nanny cam but not yet caught by authorities, kicked in a door equipped with a deadbolt. In the footage released, the attacker is seen kicking and punching a woman right in front of her 3-year-old daughter. An infant was upstairs.

"The best thing to do is harden the target; make it that much more difficult to get in," said Nick Irons, a criminology professor at the County College of Morris. "A simple deadbolt might not be the answer."

He suggested working with a reputable locksmith to install a lock with extensive bolting that reaches a few inches into the doorframe.

"These simple little hooks that they have on these doors - that doesn't hold anybody back. Not even a sparrow," Irons added.