One mom, feeling completely taken for granted, goes six days without lifting a finger to prove a point to her kids!

A mother of three went on strike to teach her messy kids a lesson.

Hoping to prove a point and get her kids to clean up after themselves, Jessica Stillwell just stopped cleaning. She didn't say anything about it...just...stopped.

It didn't take long for her kids to notice that the house was a total disaster.

On day one, dirty plates and clothes piled up around the house.

By day two, things started to stink.

On day three, one of her kids began to take notice and her ten-year-old daughter broke down in tears and asked her mom to help clean the house.

But it took mom six days before she officially called the strike over...and that was only after her girls apologized and finally started cleaning up after themselves.

Could you do this to prove a point? I doubt highly that it would work for me because, you see, I have boys. And they don't seem to notice or care if things are messy. In fact, I'm quite sure they'd be perfectly fine living that way....until they run out of jeans and food, lol!

(Photo by Samhines, Flickr)