A restaurant in Monmouth County paid tribute to the three Baton Rouge police officers killed in the line of duty on Sunday, and the reaction has been overwhelming.

The Aberdeen Township Police Department shared a photo on their Facebook page showing the moving gesture from The Court Jester restaurant.

The restaurant placed three beers on a table, with a printed sign that says "Reserved" above the thin blue line flag for fallen officers. It also says "End of Watch July 17th, 2016"

Aberdeen police shared a photo of the table, saying "Thank you for thinking of us and the officers killed in Baton Rouge today. This table is reserved for the 3 officers who won't be coming home to their families."

The photo has been shared nearly 2,000 times since it was posted Sunday evening.

It really pains me that this tribute even had to happen. I don't know what it will take for the madness to stop, but I do know that there shouldn't be "sides" to choose. We all need to do better. There's been too much loss. Enough is enough.

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