We are so proud to bring you the Point Pet of the Week each Thursday on the morning show. We are even more proud of our partnership with the great people at the Monmouth County SPCA.

The amount of ways the Monmouth County SPCA protects and helps animals day in and day out is mind boggling, and the amount of animals they have to help is beyond belief. It is certainly a daily labor of love for the amazing group of people at the SPCA who have committed themselves to being the voice for these precious animals.

There are so many ways that you can help these terrific people help these beautiful animals, with everything from adopting one or two, to donating time or money. When you visit the Monmouth County SPCA website you will begin to see the great work they do and the many ways you can help.

This week's Point Pets of the Week are Stitch and Maylin, adorable boxer mix puppies        who are looking for a forever home. They were brought in from Puerto Rico and will be making a guest appearance tonight at the viewing of a documentary about the Sato dogs of Puerto Rico which will be shown at the Wall St. location of the Monmouth County SPCA at 6:30pm.

This week's Point Pets of the Week Maylin and Stitch (Monmouth County SPCA)

Thank you for your support of the Monmouth County SPCA.