I'm sure just about everyone has a specific place they go when they need to relax, clear their head, or do some thinking. A place to go for a walk, have an impromptu picnic, or do some people watching. For me, that is all one place. It is my favorite spot in the world, and it's right here at the Jersey Shore, and I've decided to share it with you.

So where is it?

Moss Mile in West End, Long Branch. Secret's out. Just south of Pier Village, Moss Mile is a one mile strip of boardwalk (conveniently marked along the way) and for some reason, it instantly relaxes me.

If you go around sunset, you'll catch a moment when the sun hits the water at just the right angle that makes it shimmer like glass. Even in the winter, it's the most beautiful place.

I went yesterday, and took a few pictures and this short video. It doesn't really do it justice, but I hope you enjoy it and check it out one day if you haven't already.

Where is your favorite place at the Jersey Shore?