My mother calls it a Virgo trait. It's my compulsion to keep things organized.

I didn't think I was alone, nor do I think it's just a Virgo trait, so I assumed there were others like me who crave neatness.

But let me stop right here and say that my neat and organized world came crashing down around me when my two boys came into my life. So I am certainly not preaching here, lol.

Maybe it's actually the lack of total control over keeping my house and car neat and organized since the boys came along that causes me to look for small ways to keep things neat and easy. One of them is containing my containers.

You see, although it seems many would say it makes better sense to keep all of those containers and lids in as small a space as possible, I prefer it my way.

I have dedicated a cabinet (okay two cabinets) to keeping my containers stacked WITH THEIR LIDS ON when I put them away. Why? Because of YEARS of living with other people (mom) who would stack all the containers inside each other, leaving me to GO FISH for matching lids every time I wanted to use one. This drove me INSANE.

Everywhere I go my friends all seem to use this same method. You go crazy just to find a matching lid for a container, many times giving up and just shoving aluminum foil around the darn container 'cause you never do find a lid that fits. All to save on space.

I believe my way is far more efficient. Need to store a leftover? Go into my cabinet and pull out the perfect size container.....with a lid ALREADY ON IT! Imagine the convenience?!

Okay....I'm done venting. Just had to get that off my chest after my well-meaning relatives helped me wash dishes after a party this weekend. Then they left. And I walked into my kitchen and saw, to my horror, all the containers inside each other, with the strewn lids all left for me to find their mates.