The Adventures of Bella & Harry is an adorable way for young children to see the world through the eyes of two precious puppies!

In this new series, your kids will go on adventures with two Chihuahuas named Bella and Harry.

"The Adventures of Bella and Harry" by Lisa Manzione will help young children get an early start on geography. The two small dogs that star in the series travel to many major cities of the world, making goegraphy fun and exciting for kids.

Up until now, there haven't been enough fun books for kids between the ages of five and ten that focus on goegraphy, customs, and cultures of the world.. Since you probably haven't had the chance to take your kids to Edinburgh or Istanbul or any of the other numerous places in this book series, these books are great to read with your kids, as they focus on traveling, interesting things in each of the places visited like food, dress, architecture and history. They show your kids museums, castles, important bodies of water and so much more while the dogs romp around their surroundings.

And at the end of each book are basic vocabulary words from the country explored, like how to say 'hello', 'goodbye', 'yes' and 'no'.

The books are written for younger elementary-aged school kids and are simple and adorable...not like serious homework and history books.

Some of the cities featured in the Bella and Harry Adventures are London, Paris, Venice, Athens, Barcelona, Cairo, and, coming soon, Rome and Jerusalem!

The Bella and Harry website also gives kids the opportunity to further interact with these two adorable dogs with coloring book printouts, interactive games, and information about the musical play based on the books. (Study guides are also available to accompany each book in the series.)

Lisa Manzione has traveled to each of the cities that she writes about in her books. She started the series after discovering that her children had an inadequate geographical education in school. She is the proud single mom of two college grads and lives in Florida with her seven dogs.

The first nine books in The Adventures of Bella and Harry series include Let's Visit London!, Let's Visit Paris! and Let's Visit Venice!, along with the other countries listed above. The series is available at and Let's Visit Jerusalem! will be avaiable on June 1st.

I love these books. They are a great gift idea, too.....maybe for your kids, nieces and nephews, or even for the teachers in your school!