Jersey football fans – and business owners – are thrilled the Giants are heading to the Super Bowl.

Louise – who’s a Manager at a Sports Authority near the Meadowlands – says Giants jerseys, hats and coats have been selling like hotcakes – along with “hoodies, we have winter accessories, we have like stuffed animals, we have stickers….every day like we’re getting more and more things, and people are constantly asking for other types of merchandise as well.”

Doug Paulsey- who co-owns Redds Sports Bar and Restaurant – which is just down the street from where the Giants play in the Meadowlands – says “it’s very exciting – even business-wise- it’ll elevate our business at least 40 percent – just from the Giants being in it – which is huge.”

At the end of the bar, two young women said they couldn’t wait for the big game.

“We want the Giants to win but we just think Tom Brady is super hot” said one of them.

When asked about Giants quarterback Eli Manning, she said “ugh – no – he looks like an inbred!”

Her friend chimed in “we like the Giants, but we like Tom Brady, so if we could just put his face on Eli it would make the game so much more enjoyable!

Other fans were more focused on the game itself.

“Whenever your team hits the Super Bowl” said one young woman, ” it’s Christmas again – and I just think we have such a great shot to beat them this year – I really do… I would love the Giants to be a Jersey team and New York could keep the Jets – that’s my opinion – ha ha ha!”