Every day, it seems that it's a challenge to get then day started and get to work on time. There are only about a thousand things that can go wrong and put you behind schedule and make you late for work, and it only takes one to mess you up for the whole day.

 Keys not where you swear you left them? Then there's the kids and husband and missing socks or homework . You know how that goes! Miss the first traffic light and you may miss them all. Or maybe the person in front of you at the coffee drive thru decided to buy for the whole office, and is getting each person something different.  All this before you ever get a sip of coffee or a bite of breakfast.

Then there's a little thing called New Jersey traffic. It's not like any other traffic anywhere. It's traffic with attitude. It's a collection of drivers, many of whom think they are the only one who has to get to work on time. And if it's raining or snowing, forget about it!!  It's amazing how, when the weather's bad, people around us forget how to drive. Of course it's not us, it's them, right?