There's a horror/comedy movie that's a parody of Jersey Shore. You knew it would eventually happen, right?

The flick is called Jersey Shore Massacre and although it's a parody of the  show, the only person from the original show involved in it is JWoww. The movie was filmed in pre-Sandy Ortley Beach, according to So far the reviews haven't been great.

A reviewer at says the movie is a "washout lacking jokes or scares", which isn't good news for a comedy/horror flick. The review gave the movie 1 star.  Dennis Harvey of starts his review with the following," A contender for the "Could Be Woise" prize among this year's dogs of late summer."

And reports that the man responsible for the movie, Paul Tarnapol says, "You don't write a script called 'Jersey Shore Massacre' and expect to be looking around for air fare and hotels for the Oscars."