As we reported to you yesterday, star New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz kept his post game promise to visit the family of a 6 year old Newtown victim. Jack Pinto loved Victor Cruz, and when Cruz found out about it, he wrote the boys name on his football shoes just prior to Sunday's game in tribute.

 I never doubted for a minute that Cruz would keep his word. He was visibly moved prior to the game, and in a post game interview said he wanted to pay his respect to the family by visiting them, and yesterday he did just that.

So many times, we hear about sports figures in trouble with the law and we wonder how these athletes could squander the opportunity to do some good with their fame. But those stories certainly don't represent all pro athletes, or even a majority of them.

What Victor Cruz did made a difference. It made a difference to the Pinto family and to the community. And I think it made a difference to Giants fans like me. Deep down I think we all wish there was something we could do to help just a little. Victor Cruz had the ability to do it, and he did. I'm proud to be a fan of his as well.