Benj and I took the train in on Saturday for a day of fun with plenty of ghosts and ghouls!

It started out as a special outing to introduce my son to Broadway. Since he's a musician and recently started appreciating '80s rock....I took him to Rock of Ages, which I had previously seen and knew he would love. (Warning parents....if you are considering taking a child to this show, you may want to see it first to be sure you are comfortable with some of the innuendo, and also BRING EARPLUGS for your child.)

Before the show, we scored a Groupon to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum in Time Square (yes...that's my son's head in a jar among the 'others'!!!) There were some interesting sights to see in there, although the Ripley's in Atlantic City and the one in Orlando are just as good, so if you've been to either of those, you may not need to go to the NYC Ripley's.

(photo by liz jeressi)

We dined at Jekyll and Hyde in Times Square....and although parents may roll their eyes at the idea of an expensive theme restaurant with pretty much the same menu as every other place around, it was an awesome experience for a ten year old boy. In fact, there were several kids, tweens, and teens having birthday parties in there. It is dark and filled with skeletons, ghouls, and live entertainment in the form of mad scientists, talking statues, and fun little live evil shows while you eat. Very, very fun!

(Photo by Broadway Tour, Flickr)

And of course Rock of Ages does not disappoint. The cast is amazing, the music will have you singing and clapping your hands, and the jokes will have you laughing out loud. Just such a fun time for anyone who lived through the '80s or appreciates the pop and rock songs of that time. If you saw the movie (with Tom Crusie), the Broadway show is COMPLETELY different and MUCH more humerous!!!!!

And yes, the Naked Cowboy is still alive and well in Times Square and still has it going on, LOL.